Sam King - Success Story

A friend of Sam's had kindly passed on my details to her after the birth of her daughter. We met at my studio and put together an action plan to restore Sam's core and to try and lose weight along the way.

Normally when I meet people their diets are not exactly perfect but Sam had a wonderful diet. She is a great cook and ate a variety of healthy foods so I knew we would be tackling this challenge with exercise. 

Sam had a small diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominals) so we had to be cautious as to what exercises we chose. We did some releases to ease off tight muscles and introduced some gentle core exercises. Her diastasis repaired very quickly so we increased intensity. Sam lunged, squatted, pushed, pulled and pressed her way through the workouts I set and got stronger and stronger each week. As you can see from the pictures, Sam's transformation is fantastic. Whenever I see her 'before' pictures I can't believe how incredibly well she has done. Excellent work Sam!

James Wootton - Success Story

I first spoke to James 2 years ago, when he called to enquire about personal training for his wife who had recently given birth to their second child. They both came in for a consultation and we spent the majority of the time discussing Abbie's needs more so than James’ because he was there for moral support.

I put together an action plan to increase Abbie's core strength and James was happy to follow along in support of her. They came to their personal training sessions together and over time they were both getting stronger and stronger. Abbie had made fantastic progress with her core and posture so we could certainly up the intensity.

For all of my clients I try to find them something to work towards so we’d found some running challenges that James had entered into and he’d done really well, then one day he came into my studio and tells me he’s going to run a marathon. He had never run this distance before and to be honest he had never even run a half marathon so I knew this was going to be a challenge and a half. But James being James got his running shoes on and trained for the London marathon and finished it injury free.

By this point both Abbie and James had both had some fantastic results snd James had got the running bug. He signed up for his second London Marathon and went on to complete it faster than his first.

James now weighs an impressive 2 stone and 4 pounds less than he did when he started and has lost 30cm off his waist. Exercise is now a regular part of his life.

I’m really proud of what both Abbie and James have achieved. They’ve worked really well as a team and have encouraged each other along this journey.

Well done Team Wootton!

Charlotte Jackson - Success Story

I had the pleasure of training Charlotte leading up to her wedding in 2013. We combined weight training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a clean diet which consisted of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. Charlotte looked amazing at her wedding.

Charlotte called me with the exciting news that she was pregnant, I was absolutely thrilled for her and her husband. We changed Charlottes weight training program to one that suited her ever growing bump. I was very keen to try and keep the normal aches and pains of pregnancy to a minimum for Charlotte so we worked on her glutes, her mid and upper back and her core muscles. Charlotte had a dream pregnancy, she was ‘glowing’. Unfortunately Charlottes labour wasn’t as she had hoped and it resulted in an emergency c-section. 

12 weeks after the birth of her beautiful baby boy Charlotte came to visit me at my studio and we did a comprehensive screening to see where about she was on the post natal recovery. She was doing really well but we both knew that we had a lot of work to do to restore her core.

We started with some very simple breathing exercises and some gentle releases to start to get her posture back to ‘normal’. We also integrated some pelvic floor exercises for her to do at home.

Before long Charlotte was moving really well and her core was getting stronger and stronger everyday. It wasn’t just her posture and core that was improving she was losing ‘baby weight’ too. 


After 4 months Charlotte had lost a fantastic 15cms off her waist and 8cm off her hips. Charlotte has done absolutely brilliantly. Being a mum is hard work but to fit in exercise and to nourish your body with healthy food is even more challenging but Charlottes been an absolute inspiration. Well done 

Jacqui Jackson - Success Story

Jacqui PT.jpg

I’ve had the pleasure of training with Jacqui through many of her ‘life moments’; Leading up to her wedding, through her first pregnancy and now after her second baby. Jacqui has always been a very hard worker, I couldn’t ask for any more from her during her sessions which makes getting results much easier.

Jacqui came to me at the start of February when her second daughter was 9 weeks old. We started with some core restore work to get her core, pelvic floor and breathing working in harmony. She was given some homework exercises and self care things to do including massage, small changes in her eating and some basic exercises/activities.

Our gym sessions started to get progressively more challenging, we added weight training to her routine - an essential part of being a mum is to be strong! So we lifted weights, focused on breathing and her core and we started to move MORE! During our sessions Jacqui's daughter was present - and on some days she was a very welcome distraction! You can’t beat seeing a gorgeous smiley girl when you’re feeling exhausted from the gym!

Jacqui continued to make really great progress. She was making really good healthy changes at home including making snack balls from nuts and dried low GI fruit to stop the sweet cravings. Now 3 months later Jacqueline now weighs 1 stone and 3 pounds less than when she started. She has lost 13.5cms off her waist and 8cms off her hips.

We are still working on Jacqui's posture, years of rowing and carrying two young children certainly hasn't been kind to her shoulders but with some strength training, stretching and some gentle release work we will have a perfect posture before long.

I am immensely proud of Jacqui. Despite the severe lack of sleep due to her youngest baby she still works as hard as she possibly can. As a personal trainer I couldn't ask for anymore. The very exciting news is that Jacqui has had a complete change of career and has trained to be a fully fledged personal trainer now. I am so excited she is in the fitness industry as I know she will inspire others brilliantly.
Well done Jacqui, keep up the hard work! 

Charlotte Barritt - Success Stories

“I would like to get my pre pregnancy weight back I had a baby girl last August and have been at Slimming World since November. I have only lost 11lbs since that time and it's coming off very slowly which is very frustrating even when I do exercise it doesn't seem to help either. I need help please.”

This is the message I received in October 2014 through my website from a lovely lady called Charlotte. She had been doing Slimming World for 11 months and had lost 11lbs. She’d been doing Zumba and enjoyed it but nothing really seemed to happen with her weight as a result. Any weight loss is commendable but she wasn’t satisfied with only losing 1lb per month. After a long phone call we arrange for Charlotte to come to Holl Fitness Studio and for her to meet me (Julie). 

When she arrived she was very nervous and a bit apprehensive as to what to expect but she was really open minded and receptive to all the suggestionsI made for her. Initially we did a half hour workout consisting of some power plate exercises, I was really conscious not to ‘scare her off’ as I knew she would get great results if she included some resistance training, but the first time you lift weights or do vibration training can leave you feeling sore the next day and frightened to do more! She did great! 

I left her with some changes to make to her food - mostly looking at ways to improve her breakfast, she’d generally opted for a cereal based breakfast or no breakfast at all. I also gave her some exercises to do at home and ways to increase activity such as walking with her daughter in her buggy.

Charlotte was a DREAM to work with, she did exactly as I asked her, she worked really hard during her sessions and totally embraced a healthier way of life. She treated herself to a nutribullet and that quickly became her daily breakfast and occasionally lunch. Charlotte texts me pretty much each day to tell me whats she’s eaten and what exercise she’s done. I’ve tried to invite myself round for lunch because her food always sounds so delicious!

So far she has lost 2 stone and 8 lbs in weight, 25cms off her tummy 13cms off her hips and 10.5cms off her bust. Her energy levels are through the roof, he skin is glowing, clear and radiant and her muscle tone is looking amazing. I cannot tell you how much Charlotte has turned things round from the Zumba going, Slimming World, 1lb a month weight loss kind of woman, to a weight training, Nutribullet making, 2lb a week kind of woman! 

Great work Charlotte….here’s to more new challenges this year!